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The file /unstable/kte-collaborative/0.0.95/src/kte-collaborative-0.0.95.tar.xz has a size of 84.4 KB (86412 bytes) and was last modified on Sun, 25 Aug 2013 13:17:40 UTC.

Known hashes:


RankMirror NameURLCountryContinentDistanceSelection
1.mirrors.xtom.com Km32%
2.mirror.fcix.net Km32%
3.Open Computing Facility - University of California Berkeley Km32%
4.MIT Km3%
5.Waterloo University Kmn/a
6.Dalhousie University Kmn/a
7.mirror.0xem.ma Kmn/a
8.Universidade Federal do Parana Kmn/a
9.UKFast Kmn/a
10.UK Mirror Service Kmn/a
11.AnlX Kmn/a
12.Get Hosted Online Kmn/a
13.Porto University Kmn/a
14.Academic Computer Club - Umeå University Kmn/a
15.mirrors.xtom.nl Kmn/a
16.LyraHosting Kmn/a
17.Dotsrc.org Kmn/a
18.Ircam Kmn/a
19.rpmfind Kmn/a
20.GWDG Kmn/a
21.mirrors.xtom.de Kmn/a
22.Klaus-Uwe Mitterer Kmn/a
23.Hochschule Esslingen Kmn/a
24.Funet Kmn/a
25.Florian Aigner Kmn/a
26.mirrors.xtom.ee Kmn/a
27.LIP6 Kmn/a
28.Karneval Kmn/a
29.ICM UW Kmn/a
30.Masaryk University Kmn/a
31.Easyname Kmn/a
32.GARR Consortium Kmn/a
33.Yandex Kmn/a
34.Главная ip-connect Kmn/a
35.NAV Communications Kmn/a
36.Omnilance Cloud Technologies Kmn/a Kmn/a
38.NetIX Kmn/a
39.University of Crete / Computer Center Kmn/a
40.mirror.truenetwork.ru Kmn/a
41.KDDI Research Inc Kmn/a
42.mirrors.xtom.jp Kmn/a Kmn/a
44.University of Science and Technology Kmn/a
45.National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Kmn/a
46.Geek NZ Kmn/a
47.mirrors.xtom.hk Kmn/a
48.Sultan Qaboos University Kmn/a
49.mirrors.xtom.au Kmn/a
50.Retention Range Kmn/a
51.Freedif.org Kmn/a

Excluded Mirrors

Mirror NameURLCountryContinentDistanceExclude Reason
Internet Solutions KmDisabled
Advanced Institute of Science and Technology KmDisabled
TDS KmDisabled
Columbia University KmDisabled
Universidade de São Paulo KmDisabled
PBone KmDisabled
PIOTRKOSOFT.net KmDisabled
Department of Mathematics, Princeton University KmDisabled
SURFnet KmMod time mismatch (diff: -2h0m0s)
NLUUG KmMod time mismatch (diff: -2h0m0s)
krmir KmUnreachable